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Playback in title

Playback Share media with PS3, Xbox 360 or other UPnP device.
Size: 18.14MB
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music playback Star Trek screen sever king of fighters  
Notation Playback Allows you to write as well as print user defined ASCII character notation
Size: 4.1 MB
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Playback tempo bass ASCII Character adjustable tempo  
QuickTime Playback Allows you to play FairPlay Audio files
Size: 44 KB
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M4P Playback Songbird Songbird extension QuickTime audio  
Audio Playback Recorder Enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card
Size: 1.00 MB
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Record record sound sound sound monitor capture sound  
Capture Playback Panel A simple audio recorder applet
Size: 1 KB
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Recorder sound recorder capture microphone recorder  
Theora Playback Library A C++ library to help you with your development.
Size: 13 MB
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play player development library theora library development  

Playback in tags

Microphone Microphone records and plays back audio locally.
Size: 1.6 MB
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Recorder Record Audio Recorder Record Audio Audio Playback  
Silverlight Source Filter An xap playback component for you DirectShow applications
Size: 2.3 MB
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player Playback XAP Player Play XAP XAP Directshow  
DoOver DoOver will record and playback keyboard and mouse actions
Size: 203 KB
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Record Playback record actions playback actions  
AVmixer Pro This is an intuitive software video mixer that supports audio.
Size: 7.8 MB
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Video Playback mixer Video Effect video mixer  
Flash DirectShow Source Filter A playback component for you DirectShow applications
Size: 2 MB
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player Playback SWF Directshow xap playback component  
MRT Player You can play multiple media file formats with this program
Size: 1.7 MB
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player audio player Playlist Playback video player  

Playback in description

SoundSwitch to switch a Playback device you need to right click the sound icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (system tray), choose "Playback devices" and then change the default playback device. Every...
Size: 6 KB
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Playback sound switcher playback tool pic monkey photo  
Media Player X Media Player X is a handy and reliable application designed to Playback audio and video files in a convenient manner. The program sports basic playback controls, as well as the possibility to adjust t...
Size: 550 KB
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play player Create Playlist Playlist video player  
foo rg trn foo rg trn is a foobar2000 component that provides a way to specify which replaygain modes to use for each Playback order. Track gain is probably desirable for random playback while with regular playb...
Size: 64 KB
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adjust override Foobar2000 plugin  
foo timebomb foo timebomb is a foobar2000 component that creates a way to exit or stop Playback in a configurable amount of time after activation. It will appear as a menu item under Playback on the main menu and ...
Size: 57 KB
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Playback Stop end Foobar2000 plugin  
Capture Playback Panel Capture Playback Panel is a Java applet that was designed in order to help you easily capture microphone input and play it back. Capture Playback Panel also features an an oscilloscope display that ac...
Size: 1 KB
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Recorder sound recorder capture microphone recorder  
OE1 OE1 is a useful tool designed to Playback the latest news and music from Austria by receiving an Internet broadcast of the main radio station. The widget allows you to pause and restart the playback w...
Size: 38 KB
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